Diwali Celebrations: Most important Elements

Diwali is considered one of most anticipated festivals of India. People of all ages await the Diwali celebrations throughout the year. Of course, the preparations start much before the actual day of the festival. The rich cultural heritage of India signifies that there are various festivals, which are celebrated in different ways as well all through the year. Nevertheless, Diwali is the one festival that’s celebrated in every region, religion and state. Individuals from everywhere in the world celebrate the eradication of evil from the face of earth and pray for peace to reign for the years to come.

A few of the essential elements of Diwali celebrations;

Firecrackers:The light and sound of firecrackers bursting in the sky are a treat for everybody. Children particularly enjoy the festival of Diwali and look forward to bursting firecrackers. Religiously, individuals consider that the sounds and fumes of firecrackers scare the demons away. The favored firecrackers embrace firepots, ground wheels, sparklers, snakes and bombs.

Sweets:The sweetness of sweets celebrates the end of the rule of evil and the rule of prosperity and happiness in the world. Sweets are prepared in houses to offer to the goddess of wealth. These sweets embrace Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Ghujia, Laddoos, Kheer and burfies. Sweets are exchanged with friends and households with well needs for prosperity and wealth are made.

Shopping for new garments and jewelry: The festival of Diwali additionally brings with it a shopping spree. Individuals all around the world shop for new traditional garments to wear on this day. ‘Spending wealth attracts more wealth’ being the mantra for Diwali. Jewelry shopping is also included in shopping list. The new clothes and jewelry are worn for the night prayers and the celebrations afterwards.

Lights: The brightness of lights brings with it a new hope and pleasure that ultimately the goodness on the earth will always overcome the evil. Traditional diyas (small oil lamps made from clay) are used to light up every room of the house. Candles, lanterns, stunning lamps and electric lights are also used to add to the brightness. Even the streets are decorated with beautiful lighting whilst ‘greatest lighting’ competitions are held in some areas. Lights are essentially the most import aspect of Diwali celebrations. In years previous, people celebrated the return of Lord Rama after defeating Lanka king Ravana by lighting up the entire city. The lights are a symbol of fine and so they cover the evil of darkness.

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