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The most recent trend in maintenance of sites has hit high-end venues like the casino area. In the past many sites re-surfaced with new floor plans, which included (at at a minimum) the re-surfacing of the casino’s main room and/or adjacent rooms, or even the “hotel” or dining room. While some of those sites did have venues that were successful however, they were usually constructed (and maintained) by the same companies that are handling the maintenance and resurfacing requirements in the present. The result was poor quality construction, with cramped living spaces and a low occupant retention rate. It appears that the “casino room of site” business is now experiencing an emerging trend: “Casino Room of Site” businesses are being contracted by “gambling” sites to meet any maintenance requirements, including:

This new breed of professional has been hired by some sites. The best way to ensure that the appearance of a golf course and keep it fully functional is to keep the “gambling” part of the course (the construction and resurfacing) as separate from other operations. This ensures that the “gamblingarea of your operation receives all the attention it requires while the other areas receive the attention it requires. less maintenance, more occupancy and more repeat customers.

Of course, when you are designing and managing golf courses, you always want to provide for the best visitor experience which means the hotel rooms must look good, the food needs to taste good and etc., so your site has to be able to manage the constant flow of new people every day, surely? It’s the same for the “gambling” part of your casino room operations. It’s logical to engage a contractor who is specialized in the construction of casino rooms and site re-surfacing to do it right every time.

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