Hey Girls! You Must Wear a Sports Bra During Exercise

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or an avid runner, you must have invested in a great new kit for your training session. But it's more than likely that you're missing out the most vital piece of training apparel – a sports bra.

A recent survey has found that a fair amount of women do exercise without wearing good sports bras. It can result in serious injuries. Read on to find out why wearing sports bra is important for every active woman.

  • Breasts are vulnerable to motion. On top of that, there are highly sensitive nerves layered throughout breasts.

    During physical activities, repetitive movements, and aggressive motion, breasts move up and down by 8.5cm, which can result in soreness and pain. Sports bras are designed in a way to support the weight and reduce any movement.

  • Women breasts have fragile ligaments called Coopers' ligaments.

    Any high impact sport can pull on the ligaments of your breasts, forcing them to stretch. When Coopers' Ligaments are stretched, they remain this way forever. Sagging breasts is the worst nightmare of a woman. So, wearing sports bra is essential to reduce impact on your breasts.

  • Doing physical exercise without breast support can lead to back pain and discomfort due to damage caused to breast tissues.

    So, if you are thinking to skip sports bra, then think again!

  • It's important to wear right size bra. If your sports bra fits too tight, then it can still substantially flatten out breasts. A bra that doesn't fit well would provide too little support, which can displace your breast.

Prevention is Key

Wearing a sports bra is a good idea.

However, not all sports bra Singapore are created equal. So, finding a bra that limits motion will provide the most protection to your breasts from physical activities. There are two ways that sports bras reduce breast movement during exercise:

  • Compression Sports Bras: Compression bras reduce up and down movement by compressing the breasts and pulling them towards the body.
  • Encapsulation Sports Bras: These types of bras consist of individual cups and help to limit the side to side motion along with up and down movement of breasts.

The best choice for you would be the sports bra that makes use of both compression and encapsulation. Make sure the sports bra that you buy from online sports shop in Singapore or your country offers adjustable straps, and feel supportive and comfortable when worn during exercise.

When you find your perfect sports bra, wear it and 언브로큰 then jump up and down, go for running or do any physical activity.Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or an avid runner, you must have invested in a great new kit for your training session.

Kristy Smith Kristy works as the lead product designer at a leading online sports shop in Singapore. The online store offers everything for running, tennis, yoga, football, 언브로큰 golf and more.