The 404 346: Where Anna David wonders if you can be Bought

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Journalist and author Anna David comes on the show to give us a glimpse into the world of high-class escortsescorts as featured in her new book, “.” Wilson uses this opportunity to solicit tips on how to obtain one of these (books), and we dig deep into Anna’s experience researching the topic. It’s getting foggy in here.


Today’s show is , a well-established journalist and sex/relationship expert whose second book tells the story of a tepid journalist who gets slapped with an assignment to explore the steamy underbelly of high-class glitterati and the girls who will do whatever, and whoever, it takes to get what they want.

Though the story itself is fictitious, Anna tells us about the in-depth research involved, including the workers she met, a couple of crazy stories from the field, and the lessons she learned as a result. It’s not a completely serious show, though. We have to call Anna out on her constant winking at Wilson, but soon discover it’s purely platonic and uncontrollable. As it normally goes, Wilson misunderstands the situation and is currently perched in a tree outside her apartment with a telephoto lens and a mobile uploader, so keep checking back for those pics.

Don’t miss out on this show. Anna is a really engaging storyteller and quickly becoming one of our favorite guests in the triumvirate alongside and . We promise you’ll see her in The 404 studio again very soon, but be sure to also and read about it for yourself!